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Western Gold, DeCoty Coffee

To tell the story of DeCoty Coffee. One needs to go all the way back to 1929.

That’s when the Ducote family bought a peanut roaster and decided to try roasting coffee in it. The idea apparently worked for them, and they started delivering their product in a mule-driven wagon. Over the years, the business expanded to include restaurant and office clients. Today, DeCoty sells about 2 million pounds of coffee a year.

And, no, it is no longer heated in a peanut roaster. The company now owns two 225-pound coffee roasters, capable of roasting 3,500 pounds an hour.

But some things haven’t changed. DeCoty Coffee has remained a family business. Charles Ducote, son and grandson of the original owners, retains partial ownership of the business. “Today we have some national sales, but the most concentrated business is in our route system, most of it in Texas,” says Ronnie Wallace, chief operations officer. The routing system primarily includes regular delivery to restaurants and other businesses.

DeCoty has its own private blends – all 100-percent Arabica. Beans come from all over the world, from Brazil, Mexico and Central America, Hawaii, Africa and even China. The most popular is Western Gold.

“That’s been our bread and butter for years and years,” Wallace says. “It’s a smooth, bold flavor. It’s got a great aroma, good to the palate, not heavy in acidity. It’s a good, all-day coffee.”

DeCoty is known for stellar customer service. If a business buys enough coffee to be supplied with the equipment to brew it, maintenance policy guarantees a freshly brewed cup ’round the clock. If the equipment ever breaks down, DeCoty’s philosophy is to get the customer back in the coffee business within 24 hours.

“I’ve been on call at two or three in the morning, at an all-night truck stop,” Wallace says. “We make sure the customer is taken care of.” DeCoty Coffee Boasts 100 Percent Arabica Blends

Story by Catherine Darnell

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